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Meet Our Staff

We strive to offer an effective, fun filled dance experience. This experience will benefit you and your child for a lifetime. Dancing and Martial Arts will help your child have a sense of accomplishment and self awareness. This will build confidence and help your child to be sure of themselves.


Our experience will bring out the movement and rhythm in your child while perfecting a foundation for advanced dancers. Our staff holds 92 combined years of teaching and nurturing children in the arts.


Dorathy A. Garozzo is the director of the studio along with her family. The instructors at the studio are graduates of Glassboro State College, Rowan College, Rowan University, GCC , Neuman College and Rutgers University. Within the staff 75% of the instructors are educators during the daytime hours, which we feel is an asset to our staff knowing our staff has an interest and love for children. Most of the staff have a theater or dance background from college, etc.


Three of our instructors have performed in their particular colleges productions. One instructor has been choreographing for high schools in the area for 10 years. Our Asst. Director also has her degree in Early Childhood Education.


We have a combined 92 years experience in developing and educating children in the areas of the arts. We have instructors involved with drama and play productions as well. The interest in dance, life and love of children's accomplishments is important to us. We hope your child becomes a part of our studio and our lives

  Mrs.  G
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              Miss Justine
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 Miss Jenn
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              Miss Carissa
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 Miss Chloe 

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Goju Karate Instructor
Sensei  Andrew

               Andrew, is currently enrolled in Rowan University where he is pursuing the pre-Med track. He is Vice President of Rowan’s Mixed Martial Arts Club, where he coaches many students throughout the school year. He continues to train regularly in Brazilian Jjiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, and boxing under the highest level instruction in the area. He has been training in Karate, specifically Goju Ryu since he was 5 years old. He has held his black belt in the discipline for several years, assisting his sensei in teaching children’s classes since.  Outside of martial arts, he is a volunteer fireman for East Greenwich Township. If he isn't training, you can find him hiking, studying, or at the firehouse. I look forward to working with your children !

2021 Daniel Karate Pic.jpg

                                        Goju Karate Instructor
                             Sensei Daniel      


Daniel has been a karate practitioner for over a decade and counting. He is a black belt in Goju Ryu karate. Having experience in karate, Jiu jitsu, wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing, he will offer a wide array of techniques to develop skill and self- defense tactics. In his free time he likes

 to learn new instruments and give music lessons to both young and old students. Daniel is a volunteer firefighter for East Greenwich Township and loves to help others. As a sensei, he will teach useful techniques for self- defense, while also keeping kids fit and having fun. He will cater to your child’s learning style and help them to become a better martial artist and person. He can’t wait to teach your children and help them grow as martial artists!

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