Dance Classes

Fairytales (2 yr.)
Our 2’s toddler class will experience creative movement, tumbling and development coordination. Their knowledge of the disciplines of Ballet and Jazz will help them develop knowing one’s self and control of the body during a routine. Smiling and fun are required!!!
HIIT  ( High Intense Interval  Training )
A training technique in which you give, 100% effort through quick, intense burst of exercise, followed by short, active , recovery periods. This type of training increases the heart rate and burns more fat in less time.
Rhythmettes (3 Yr.)
This 45-minute class consists of instruction in ballet and  jazz  while perfecting developmental and gross motor skills. Fun, fun, FUN! The students demonstrate their dance skills during our June recital.
( children should be potty trained)
Fancy Feet (4 Yr.)
This 60-minute class consists of instruction in ballet, jazz and tap while enhancing your child’s self-esteem and poise. The class is taught progressively in each area. The students perform twice during the recital in June.
 Showstoppers (5 & 6Yr.)
Kindergarteners 5 & 6 years old will enjoy this class of disciplines of Ballet Tap, and Hip Hop. This is a developmental class the children enjoy creative movement, shaking it up and tapping their feet.
Gymnastics (Girls and Boys classes various age levels)
This 60-minute class emphasizes stretching and strengthening through instruction in basic, intermediate, and advanced gymnastics skills. The students learn while working at their individual abilities, one-on-one with an instructor. Equipment includes mats, (floor ),
vaulting, balance beam ( low & high ), horizontal bar. The students demonstrate their skills during an exhibition in April.
Tap and Hip Hop (6-8 Yr.)
This 60-minute class consists of half-hour segments of instruction in each of the disciplines. This class helps to prepare students for the Mini-Troupe. Students will learn dance terminology while mastering beginning techniques in each discipline. The students perform in the June recital.
Acro-Dance (6-9 Yr.)
This is a combination class of acrobatic mat work as well as two disciplines of dance (ballet and jazz).
Petite Troupe Combo
The Petite Troupe is a class that will help your child to begin to develop  as a dance performer and help become confident individuals.
The class will learn the disciplines of ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop to develop rhythm, poise and self reliance.
Mini-Troupe (8-10 Yrs)
This class continues the expand your child’s skills in each of the dance disciplines (ballet, jazz, and tap). The students develop mastery of dance terminology and techniques. This class is in preparation for Junior Troupe. The students perform several dance routines during our recital in June.
Junior Troupe  Ability/level
During this class, the students are educated in the advanced techniques of ballet, jazz, and tap. The class continues with warm-up stretching and conditioning while toning the dancer’s body in order to execute professional techniques. The Junior Troupe performs several dance routines during our recital in June.
All Hip Hop (Ability/level)
Learn how to perform funk, street rockin' combinations with high-energy while having fun. Students will perform in our annual recital.
Goju Karate
“Goju” is a Japanese form of karate. The form, focus, and control of the student’s body and mind are developed during this 60-minute class. Students gain confidence while learning the basics for self-defense. Students have the opportunity to advance in their belt level during our testing in April. Students also perform during our recital in June.
Competition Team
 Dee Dots Competition Team will give dancers an additional opportunity to perform. This opportunity will also help to build self-confidence, teamwork, dance techniques, and become  more expressive through dance. We will be participating in 1 to 2 local dance competitions through out the year.
Students must be enrolled in at least one of the Troupes: (Ballet, Jazz and Tap )


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